“Paola was warm, welcoming, and accommodating to my needs. I could not thank them enough for everything they have done.” Anonymous client..2014

“I highly recommend Paola Kasenetz and the work that she does! ” Anonymous client..2016

“Having Paola Kasenetz as my couples counselor truly saved my relationship. If you ever need a couples counselor, look no further.” Anonymous client..2012

“Paola, I don’t know how you measure success professionally. I hope you count my case/situation as a success because we have reached our goal of keeping me in one piece and getting me to where I can find more intensive help. I know I’m not “cured”. I understand this is a process that will continue throughout the rest of my life. As of this moment, though, I feel pretty good and I owe a lot of that to your guidance and suggestions over the past six or seven months. I’d appreciate your thoughts on all this. Thank you! ” Anonymous client..2022

“My son likes working with you, and we want to continue counseling with you because he trusts you” Anonymous client..2022

Paola is a gem. She is patient and understanding and has been very accommodating in my journey of finding the right tools to help me help myself. Anonymous client..2022

Great Listener, she is flexible and understands her clients. Anonymous client..2022

Great listener and good counseling Anonymous client..2021

My counselor is an expert listener who facilitate my own discovery and healing by providing key reflections rooted in practical guidance. She is easy to talk with and offers patience and encouragement to reflect on my strengths. I have been in counseling for my entire life but only under this counselor do feel I am making breakthroughs. Anonymous client..2020

Paola is relatable and easy to talk to with a practical and logical approach to counseling. She was able to help me identify and rationalize the triggers for my anxiety and has given me numerous tools to help reduce negative feelings and confront them head on when doubt starts to creep in.Anonymous client..2020

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